Tony Vincent

Learning in Hand with Tony Vincent

Tony Vincent is a seasoned educator and innovator living in Iowa. Tony's journey began 25 years ago when he started teaching fifth grade in Nebraska. He later became his school's technology coach, empowering learners to create media designed to reach an authentic audience. In fact, his school was one of the first to publish a podcast for kids and by kids in 2005. Tony's passion for education and technology eventually led him to become self-employed, speaking at conferences and working with teachers and students worldwide.

Tony has always remained committed to his roots in teaching, as evidenced by his return to the fifth grade classroom during the 2018-2019 school year. During that year, Tony's students became Chromebook superusers and creative communicators. This experience led him to develop Shapegrams, a series of digital drawing lessons and challenges aimed at helping students become better thinkers and artists.

Currently, Tony helps out his local school as a substitute teacher, and he continues to be a speaker and consultant. Beyond his work, Tony is a proud father of 10-year-old twins, who keep him on his toes and inspire him to continue exploring ways to reach and empower learners. Whether he's in the classroom or on the conference stage, Tony's energy and passion for teaching are infectious, and his insights and expertise are invaluable to anyone looking to bring innovation and creativity to their educational practice.